Getting Crafty

I was a very crafty kid. In fact a friend of mine often reminds me that I used to run craft sessions with her and my younger sister (which they really didn’t like… but hey, I was older and they thought it must be cool). Once I got to high school I had to choose between art and textiles… I went down the art route and lost touch with my sewing/crafty side. I then went to university and studied design, majored in multimedia and ended up a web designer and digital creative. I’ve always loved making things, but for years they’ve been pixel based.

Lately I’ve been leaning towards getting hands on… craving tactile experiences. I’m pregnant and the nesting instinct has manifested itself as a compulsion to craft.

It started with sewing nursery accessories for the baby – mum bought me a vintage sewing machine with money she found in a table that my late Nan had stashed away. In looking for fabrics and ideas online I discovered this entire crafting community. God I love the internet! I’m suddenly incredibly inspired and rediscovering the joy of creating by hand.. the trickiest part is there’s no undo button.


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