Disastrous Moopy

Maybe it’s because my fingers have swelled to resemble cocktail frankfurts. Perhaps I was impatient or used the wrong materials. Either way, my latest moopy was a disaster.

I set out to make a cool little beachy moopy for Max who is four weeks old. I pulled together a vintage towel of my grandfathers and bought some hawaiian print material to match. The colours I love. The end result was a disfigured moopy – I just couldn’t get the shape of his body even. After four hours I decided to unpick the whole thing to start again. This is the moment in craft where I wish there was a simple undo command like there is in the design work I do. An option to revert to an earlier version of the moopy and just carry on. I guess that would be cheating.

So moopy is back in pieces now… hopefully I’ll get back to him soon.

Moopy for Max.


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