Vintage cradle for Bubba Waring

My grandfather made a cradle back in the seventies for his first grandchild. My cousins, brother, sister and I were all carefully placed in it when we came home. A few years ago my uncle repainted it for the arrival of his grand children. Bubba Waring will be the 9th baby to sleep in the cradle, which actually brings a bit of a family tear to my eye (pregnancy hormones hey).

I’ve been sewing sheets for the cradle and found this gorgeous retro style fabric in spotlight which I’ve trimmed the top sheets with. I love it, next step is to create a little quilt using the same fabric. It would be great if I could find an aqua/sage colour vintage fabric. The hunt is on.


I would love to add this owl pattern to the quilt posted over at print and pattern (my favourite blog) but sadly they don’t ship to Australia.

Pattern/instructions for sewing your own cradle sheets is at the homemaking cottage. I found it worked really well for a cradle that isn’t standard manufacturers size.



4 thoughts on “Vintage cradle for Bubba Waring

  1. Hey, I can’t seem to find that pattern. My sis is adopting, and I’d love to make little cradle sheets (with a little embroidered owl or duck or bird). I’ve tried to find a pattern or tutorial to no avail. Help!

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