Crafting is back!

Now that I’m on maternity leave, and I’ve done all my nasty tax and paperwork, I can create to my heart’s content. So despite the ever increasing size of my fingers, I’ve been very busy in the past few days. First project has been a quilt for the bubba to go in the cradle. I used cotton waffle, flannel, linen and cotton fabric so there’s a few layers for warmth but it’s still very breathable.

I found the whole process scary at first – I’ve never made a quilt before –  but I soon decided to go with imperfections as features and got into using raw edges and selvedges in the detail. My favourite parts of the quilt have been those with mistakes that I’ve had to add extra fabric or sew over to hide. It’s been such a nice change from working on the computer … to just see where the thing takes me.

Here are some piccies of the work in progress. I’ll take some shots of the finished product tomorrow.

quilt detail

Quilt stitching


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