Instant Happiness

Every time I put Oscar (my four month old baby) down on a rug outside he smiles. He kicks his legs and waves his arms while breaking out into radiant baby song. I’ve been watching him do this for a few weeks now, fascinated that the simple act of looking up at the sky could bring him such joy. So today I thought I’d give it a go myself. I laid down on the rug beside him and gazed up at the blue sky. I looked at things from his perspective. I watched the palm trees dance in the wind and marvelled at the abstract pattern of the frangipanni leaves. I smiled. It was wonderful. It was instant happiness.

They’re onto something these babies.

Go outside and give it a try. Go on… see for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Instant Happiness

  1. Aww…how sweet. Yes, babies have an intuitive sense of the good things, don’t they? My baby is no longer “really” a baby (14 months) but she is so delightful. I just love how it’s so easy to make her smile.

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