I’m still stitching…

The little tag monster is coming along but let me tell you… all those tags take a lot of hand stitching!

And a cheeky new arrival, gorgeous Alpaca Kid wool in “bright” pink I bought online. It’s for a scarf (I have no knitting talent other than scarves). I’ve always preferred buying wool in stores so I can feel it and see the colour so I was a bit nervous about this but it’s beautiful. Am forcing myself to finish other projects before I’m allowed to start on this one though. Last count I have five on the go… sock elephant, sheets for cradle, vintage fabric top for me, recycled hoodie for Oscar and the tag monster. Hopeless!

Oh and I’ve discovered a really quick way to take photos for blogging by using the web cam on my laptop. I’m not sure why it takes photos reflected (notice the label on the wool is back to front) but I love it anyway.

Back to stitching.


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