Monster Study


Not much crafting for me this week because work has been so busy but I have been doing little sketches of monsters. Following the success of the tag monster I thought I’d try a few versions of sock monsters. I’ve started stitching one or two of them… more this weekend when I have some time.


2 thoughts on “Monster Study

  1. When my kids ask me why I don’t come up with my own designs, I tell them that I am not an artist or designer, I am a crafter/quilter. It seems like a put-down to myself, but if EVERYONE could come up with great ideas like you, then who would buy the patterns or fabric designs?! SOMEONE has to simply stand-back in awe and wonder…and it is definitely ME!

  2. Awww shucks… Well Tricia I have to say that I’m sure your stitching and attention to detail are a lot better than mine. I’m good at grand plans but not so much on the finished product!

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