Eye spy…love


I’ve smiled at blog games from a distance but so far have yet to join in the party. Well here’s my first go at it. Bug and Pop is hosting a game called Eye Spy with a different theme each week. This week it’s love. I thought long and hard about being witty, clever, to put an unexpected twist on the theme. Instead I’ve gone completely predictable. Here is my lovely Oscar who I haven’t blogged about in ages. He was the world’s most famous facebook foetus (Bubba Waring was all over the news because I created a facebok page for him when I was pregnant). Love is that little tummy, those eyes and the cheeky dimples. This photo was taken at about 7am one morning when we went out for coffee and toast together. There’s this little look he gets when he realises that I’m not going to work today, that I’m spending the whole day with him. His little face lights up with this contented… “yep… it’s just  you and me today” expression. Love.


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