New look for my blog.


You’re watching my new blog design morph before your eyes. The wonderful Gerry helped me play with the CSS this afternoon to put a header in and there’s a new type style coming too.  I’d love to have it all polished and announce… “ta dah!” here it is but it’s been quite a frustrating process to get it to this point. So I thought, as you’re all already part of the process, I’d run a poll on colour selection. I’ve been mucking around with colour palettes for CraftSchmaft and have come down to two.
So what do you prefer? Yellow or Pink? Just click on the little button down there to cast your vote. The winner will get implemented over the weekend. I was thinking if this poll is a success I might have a go at crafting by poll. Could lead to some very interesting things… (Oh I am such an internet geek!)


Thanks for voting everyone, the poll is now closed. Click here to see the results.


5 thoughts on “New look for my blog.

  1. I ruled out the blue/green early on. Originally I thought the hot/pink orange combo would be the go but for some reason I’m drawn to the yellow. I’ve NEVER used yellow in any of my designs before, not sure why it’s suddenly become appealing.

  2. I just voted pink!

    Handsome Steve wanted to say a big thank you for joining in on my giveaway! 🙂

    And I wanted to say thank you too! Can’t wait to see your new blog look, it’s going to look amazing!! – although it already does look amazing and cute!

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