And so the swap begins…


Last night I pulled my entire stash of socks and fabric out to choose materials for the BIG SWAP (hosted by the lovely Cass at Snailblazer). I’ve been getting quite nervous about having to create 10 things so I thought I’d better at least make a start on it.I’m planning to use this range of fabrics as little highlights with the chunky cotton socks in greys and browns. It’s funny the way that you have a picture in your head but often once I start playing with different fabrics it changes into something I didn’t expect. I was planning on using lots of hot pinks but they just didn’t seem right.

I can’t give too much away but I will give you sneak peeks of swap progress over the next week. It’s actually a good excuse to pull out my big camera and take some detail shots.

On the mobile progress, I’m having to wait for the weekend so I can saw these sticks into mobile pieces which has proved hard to do with a toddler who wants to help with everything. I have to say this is the first time my crafting has ventured into hardware territory. Slightly frightening 🙂


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