Kimono fabric heaven


I’m in rainy, cloudy, cold Melbourne today and loving it. There’s just something nice about the beginnings of winter. All rugged up. Crispy air. Long boots. Warm pubs.

What’s even better about today is that I’ve discovered a new fabric heaven on Coventry Street in South Melbourne. The Made in Japan outlet has Kimono fabric remnants by the metre. What a find! So I bought this bright yellow to go on the ears of woolly grey and black sock dogs. I’ve been quite drawn to yellow/grey combinations lately. Oooh I haven’t been this excited about a fabric find for a long time.

In other news I went to my first session of The Craft Room (by the lovely Corrie of Retromummy) last night up on the Northern Beaches. So much fun. I haven’t ever been to a crafty circle thing before so I wasn’t sure what to expect – it was wonderful! I sat chatting away to the lovely Fran, Sophie, Kelly and Amelia all of whom were working on beautiful things. Love a bit of stitch and bitch.


4 thoughts on “Kimono fabric heaven

  1. What a fab day! – though I think there is a key phrase there in ‘the beginnings of winter’. I can see the cold thing is going to wear thin in a short while.

    Just posted on a bird non-mobile and had to squeeze in mention of a far superior birdy hangy thing (except I had to edit endlessly to get all the details wrong – it’s been a shockingly inefficient day). Anyway – have I mentioned I love your owls???

  2. I can’t believe I missed you last night. I was going to email you about coming along to the Sunday Craft day and then I saw your name on the list. Can’t wait until the next one

  3. I got my Snailblazer swap parcel today and was so delighted to see one of your owls in there.
    My daughter picked him up and said “toot” which is how she says cute. (Strangely for a very fluent child her C’s are sometimes still said as T’s!).
    So Toot he is!

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