Meet Mix Tape Molly – the sock giraffe




I’ve been slowly chipping away at finishing Mix Tape Molly over the past couple of weeks. One of the big things to get right was her main. I tried a couple of hot pink organza pieces of ribbon but in the end settled on the yellow – I wanted to break up the pink and my current colour obsession is yellow for some reason. I’m really quite happy with the way she turned out although my hubby did comment that Giraffe’s mains don’t go all the way down their backs – of course only after I’d painstakingly stitched and double stitched the entire thing. So she’s staying part giraffe part dragon.


13 thoughts on “Meet Mix Tape Molly – the sock giraffe

  1. I think she’s a lovely giraffe/dragon. And what is it with the significant others only piping up AFTER the horse/giraffe/dragon has bolted?

  2. Ha Ha.. yep Tania it is always after the stitching that the every so useful feedback comes along! Thanks for the lovely comments ladies.

  3. All hail Mixed Tape Molly!!! This kicks arse over any sock monkey girl!!! Great to meet you too. It’s so great to meet new Biz Babes!! Congrats on graduating.

    I am adding you to my blog!!!

    xo Steph

  4. I love this g-raf. Do you have an etsy store where these can be purchased? My daughter collects giraffes and she would really like this one.

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