Luminous Opera House

I went to a “finding your audience” talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art tonight. Part of the Creative Sydney festival. Talk wasn’t amazing but part of the festival is Luminous curated by Brian Eno who has bathed the opera house with spectacular light projections. Stunning! Here it is from the ferry on my way home.


4 thoughts on “Luminous Opera House

  1. Aaah it’s things like this that make me really miss not living in Sydney.
    No matter how many times you see it, the Opera House is still a spectacular building.

  2. Being a Melburnite, commuting via ferry has always held a glamourous attraction – and then with a Brian Eno light display! I’m imagining tingles up and down the spine…

    • It was pretty spectacular!

      I have to say that traveling on the ferry is every bit as wonderful as you’d imagine. Sadly I don’t get to do it much any more so seeing the Opera house like that was definitely spine tingling stuff.

      Melbourne has it’s fair share of spine tingling attractions too though – my other half is from melbourne so we spend lots of time down there.

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