A Wintry Weekend


We spent the weekend with family in Woodend, Victoria…. brrr… it’s cold down there! Not your snowing kinda cold. More a grey drizzly cold. Perfect for stitching beside the fire. Nothing completed but lots of progress on little owls and the third sock dog. I’ve almost finished the owl and sock dog patterns and have the giraffe well under way too.

I’m loving the Woolly Woof Woofs at the moment. Using woollen socks makes the toys even more cuddly and the thicker the sock the more they hold their shape. Seems the perfect crafting for a cold day.


5 thoughts on “A Wintry Weekend

  1. We were in Daylesford on Saturday, so I get where you are coming from. I’m sure I would have been a whole lot warmer with a Woolly Woof Woof in tow.

  2. I’m loving Woofs almost as much as Molly {though not quite}. All I want to know is when you are going to start an Etsy shop and let the rest of us have on of these little darlings?

  3. Oh boy. Could your creations get any cuter?! So I’m getting seriously addicted to softies, both making and buying from bloggers. I’d so love to buy one of your creations… I second the Etsy call!

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