Busy Babes and Big News

I haven’t blogged much about this but I have recently become a Bizness Babe.

In their words Bizness Babes is … “a dynamic program that provides free business training to mothers who otherwise might not get the chance (and we all deserve a chance!)” In my words it is …the most amazing group of intelligent, supportive, wonderful women teaching others how to create and run their own business”


I graduated a couple of weeks ago and I cannot rave highly enough about this course. As one of the girls in my group put it… life changing. In fact it’s Biz Babes that helped me take the step to Mathildas Market and my next exciting step to the Stitches and Craft Show.

Craft Schmaft will be at the Sydney Stitches and Craft show in August. Yep… pee in your pants excitment people (well for me anyway, you feel free to hold on).


In recent weeks I’ve been madly creating patterns which the lovely girls from my Bizness Babes group have been testing for me. It’s so nice to see other people having fun making little owls and sock dogs and their feedback has gone into refining the patterns too. Thank you ladies! I plan to have the patterns both at markets and available on etsy at the start of July.


I think I need to go and lie down.


8 thoughts on “Busy Babes and Big News

  1. Oh wow that is so exciting. I really wanted to do Stitches this year but I just don’t think it’s possible with my real job. I’ll be out there on a couple of days though lending a hand to a few girls so if you need a loo break let me know

  2. OMFG… That’s awesome about the craft show. Funny thing I enquired about the incubator stall… I am legible but I would have to produce so MANY shirts So we’ll see. YAY… Bizness Babes. It doesn’t truly hit you till you look back really.
    Hurry up I want to buy a toy to make with Moo… or Bear… or Bubble… Maybe three then…

    xo Steph

  3. Yay! I’ll be out there too. I’m just doing Thu-Sat, sharing a double stall with the Audrey and Maude girls. We’ll have to talk more at craftroom.

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