Lil’ bit of Sugar and a Moobear

DIY traditionally has been slightly naff. You know what it’s like, often the best intended DIY project ends up a little worse for wear (or is that just me?). Well not over at A little bit of Sugar. Lucy came up with the idea of tiling her custom made desk with vintage scrabble tiles and it looks absolutely amazing.

While I’m on the inspiring recycled objects front, Steph over at Moobear creates gorgeous t-shirts for kids featuring recycled fabric motifs. Her kids actually do the illustrations and she turns them into designs for t-shirts. How cool is that? My favourite is the bubble factory, who doesn’t need a little bubble manufacturing in their life? What a clever Bizness Babe she is.


3 thoughts on “Lil’ bit of Sugar and a Moobear

  1. These are great, thanks for sharing your inspirations. I’ve got several DIY projects I’m hoping to try, but the ‘naff-ness’ potential is a little offputing!

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