Softies and The Craft Room


I spent all Sunday stitching with the lovely ladies of The Craft Room (Thanks to the ultimate retro mummy for organising!) It was perfect timing for finishing off the Mathildas Market sock toy gang, here they are all in blues. I love that each one of them turns out to be slightly different, it’s almost like they have different personalities. Still lots more stitching to do for next weekend… I have to admit there was an awful lot of talking and not quite enough stitching going on. It’s so great to meet crafty bloggers in person although quite weird to recognise people more by their blog name than their first name or even face.

9 thoughts on “Softies and The Craft Room

  1. Wow your little creations look fab!
    I just wanted to wish a fellow bizness Babe luck. The Matilda Markets are fantastic I visited the last one at Lane Cove and they were really busy and filled with lots of amazing designers and stores.
    Best of Luck
    Fee x

  2. Hi there Claire, I have just started the Bizness Babes course and I am loving it, we were sent information about your business and just wanted to wish you luck with your ventures…


  3. Your softies are just adorable. I love the giraffe and the owl mobile. Are you going to release a pattern for them as I would love to make some of them. Can you tell me how much the patterns would cost too. I have spent a nice bit of time reading about your wonderful crafty endeavours and must admit that I love watching Grand Designs too. The new shows at 8:30 have been fantastic.

    • Thank you Sue! I have the giraffe available as a pattern (up on etsy in the next few days) and the owl mobile is coming in the next month a pattern too. Isn’t grand designs fantastic? I’ve stitched many a sock toy watching grand designs, it’s one of the only programs my hubby and I can both agree on.

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