My name is Claire, I am a sock addict.

You know that look you get from people when they think you’re a little strange? That “have you been smoking crack?” look. Or worse the “I’m encountering a complete nutter, avoid eye contact at all costs!” look.


I’ve been buying a stack of socks to make up kits for Stitches and Craft. Every checkout chick in Sydney thinks I have some sort of OCD problem with socks. At first I’d just nervously smile. This seemed to make them even more wary of me.  Now I tell them I make sock toys. The look of relief on their faces is priceless.


But I have to confess that I am actually quite addicted to socks – especially ones with interesting patterns. It’s like an extension of fabric addiction. That moment when you have all these visions of what you’d make a pair of socks into, which fabric or ribbon would co-ordinate with it. I’ve bought the most beautiful woollen pink, cream and grey socks for woof woofs and cool stripes for g-rafs. I was devastated when the purple socks I’d been using for sock monsters were discontinued. I’m contemplating some hearts for the g-rafs too but am not quite convinced yet.


So perhaps I am deserving of the “nut job” stares I’m getting. Not only that but I have to tell you that I’ve subjected my poor mum to the same ridicule by making her buy a stack of socks from the US while she was there. But ooohhh look how gorgeous they are… The pink argyle socks are destined to be g-rafs. The stripey orange are going to be monsters. I’ll post the finished sock toys from them next week. Sock heaven.

12 thoughts on “My name is Claire, I am a sock addict.

  1. Oh, I so know that look. I get that look when I’m just out and about my daily business (not buying socks). Those stripey versions are the cats pyjamas.

  2. oh my, oh my, oh my…. we should form sock buyers anonymous… if you ever fancy doing a sock swap with me I’d be up for it.. we get fab socks here in the uk! I get the same scared looks in shops too – the other day I bought 21 pairs in one go!!!

  3. Hi hun, nice website! I genuinely appreciate this article.. I was wondering about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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