Anyone want to test a pattern?

I’ve always had family and friends test out new patterns for me and refined them based on feedback. It really helps to have fresh eyes look over them and pick up on things that I may have missed or not explained as well as I could. I’ve just finished the first version of the Little Sock Monster pattern and thought I’d ask you lovely bloggers if anyone is interested in testing it for me? All you need is an odd sock, some felt scraps, thread and stuffing. I’ll email you a PDF file of the pattern and some questions to answer. If you’re interested please email me claire {at} craftschmaft {dot} com or leave a comment.

Thanks everyone, I’ve now got plenty of testers.

11 thoughts on “Anyone want to test a pattern?

  1. I would love to test it out for you Claire, but I guess I am too late now judging by all the comments. I love your blue one in the header too, very cute with all his teeth. I finally bought some stripey socks today too to make your giraffe pattern.

  2. Hi Claire !

    My english is not at is best level but I would be honored to test your little sock monster pattern ! Maybe will I be the first Begian tester 🙂

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