Fabric Lust: Goodnight Monkey


Two years ago I was in a sewing frenzy getting the Monkey Nursery (original post and photos here) ready for Oscar’s arrival. I fell in love with Erin Michaels 5 Funky Monkeys fabric and based the whole nursery around it.

Goodnight monkey has just been released and is on sale over at the Fat Quarter Shop. I’m loving the ZZZZZ’s, the books and the cheeky monkeys in pyjamas. I may just have to have another baby to justify a whole new set of monkey nursery accessories. This spending up on fabric is really going to have to stop soon!

Wall hangings and softie made for Oscars Monkey Nursery two years ago.

8 thoughts on “Fabric Lust: Goodnight Monkey

  1. I found your site today while looking for something interesting to make for a baby gift. Right off the bat, I saw the fabric with books on it. I have been looking for book related fabric for at least 4 years. I thought it might be part of the Funky Monkey line, but I’ve been surfing and haven’t found it anywhere. Could you please, please, please tell me what that fabric is and solve a huge, huge problem!!! Ok, sorry about the emphatic sentence there, but you don’t know how my heart jumped when I saw book-ish fabric!!!

    Love you site and cute ideas!

    • Hi Wren,

      The fabric is “goodnight monkey” by Moda. You can find it at the fatquarter shop online. I have to say that the books are even better in the flesh than they are in these pics, especially the green colourway.


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