12 days of stitches – 1 monster pattern

I promised you 12 days of Stitches and Craft Show preparation. Well welcome to the madness. Right here on this very blog I will post preparation of the day… sing along if you like, it’s to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas.

On the first day of stitches I was preparing…


One Free Sock Monster Pattern.


Steph (moobear designs), Gina (clutterpunk) , Sarah (the shopkeepers wife), Kate (one flew over)Tania (Myrtle and Eunice), Shannon (inscribing memories), Christine and Georgia spent time last week testing the Little Sock Monster pattern for me. Go check out their blogs, their monsters are gorgeous! Thank you so much ladies! I’ve just added the finishing touches and incorporated their excellent feedback and it’s finished.


Want a free one?

I’ll be demonstrating how to make them at the Stitches and Craft Studio on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (21-23rd August). Everyone who attends gets a free pattern to try at home. I’ll also have these on sale at my stand (195, please come and say hello!) and in an online store which I’ll have up by the end of August.


So one monster pattern to go and about a million other things to do. Stay tuned for two….. tomorrow.


Update: Thanks so much to everyone who came along to the demonstrations, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of creating your little monsters. If you didn’t make it  The Little Monster Pattern is now available in the store – click here.


14 thoughts on “12 days of stitches – 1 monster pattern

  1. *cheer leader style* Go Claire Go!! Don’t You Slow… We’ll be seeing you… At The Stitches And Craft Show… *Jumping up and down in her cheer leader outfit* I am hanging out there for 2 whole days!! I will have a cheer for each day!!

    xo Steph

  2. I imagine your entire house over-run with sock monsters. But that may just be because we are drowning in odd socks over here. He’s a lovely one…

  3. Very cute, would love to have a house full of sock monsters!! but…your show would be a long drive from Kentucky…Hope its a good one for you

  4. I agree with Kate, the arms are a problem – perhaps more so for this non sewing type, hence there is no pic on my blog 🙂 think I will wait till my sewing Mum gets back from holidays this week and give the sock monster another go – Claire your sock is way cuter than mine! Keep plugging along with the preparations – can’t believe it is only 12 days away, or really 11 now!

    • Hi Shannon,

      Try googling whipstitch. I just hold (or pin) the arms in place and then stitch them together to the body. If that’s a bit tricky you could try sewing the arm opening shut before attaching them to the monsters body.


  5. oh claire i can’t believe you got all those lovely creative types to test the pattern and then me!! all those stupid questions i asked you about how to do stuff! theirs look amazing. thursday night is now sock night for me so i think i need to practice some more next week. i think maybe i need darker coloured socks (always blame your tools!) – time to raid the shop again! good luck with the show xx

  6. Hi Claire – you crafty little thing – your monsters are gorgeous so clever – can’t wait to give them a go myself.

    Will be in on Saturday and will hopefully catch your demonstration.

    I am sure you will have a very successful fair with such cuties.


  7. Hi Claire
    It was lovely to have met you today and I really enjoyed your demo on the sock monster today. I am not sure if you remember me but I was the one into amigurumi. Actually, I am addicted. Anyway if you are interested, I am on facebook and have pictures on flickr but I don’t have a blog. I am new to flickr and not sure if you can look me up or I just put the url here.
    I am going to try sock monsters now, you have inspired me! Thank you!

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