Four baby sock owls

On the fourrth day of stitches I was preparing…


Four baby sock owls

Three woolly sock dogs
Two needle & thread tins
And a free sock monster pattern

So today I went nuts on the baby sock owls. Purple ones, blue ones, red polka dots, pink toadstools. This little quartet I made to create a mobile out of… but now I’m not convinced on the green. It works in with the green toadstools on the fabric but… I’m not quite sure. Am going to sleep on it. On the note of mobiles, I’m almost finished the mobile pattern, a few friends are going to test it for me tomorrow night. The owl part is easy but doing diagrams and descriptions of how to lash the twigs together is a whole new realm of pattern making.

All in all a very productive day. Time for a vino I think.


14 thoughts on “Four baby sock owls

  1. Every time I see your sock owls they look better and better… They are just perfect Claire!! Congrats on the Frankie blog appearance too… Hoot Hoot!!

    xo Steph

  2. Twig lashing sounds like a physics degree is the order of the day. I made a few attempts and then the Mr and I agreed that our birds could just perch on a dead stick drilled into the wall!

  3. Hi Claire,
    I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the sock owl pattern for my daughter. Can you tell me if it is available for purchase yet and where we could get it in Australia or will you publish it on this site?

  4. So I have about ten weeks left in my pregnancy and ALL of the sewing to recover a boppie, bumper, glider,diaper pad and accessories for the nursery. I really really want this mobile but I might start vomiting thread if I sew anything else. Is there any way you would sell me a finished product? pretty pleeassee 🙂

  5. Ha, ha, ha, ha that’s a knee slapper…TWIG LASHING! Never thought up that term myself! A couple of years ago I did “Twig Lashing” to provide a craft project for a bunch of kids at halloween. Worked like a charm, and yes, it took some thinking about how to do it. I nailed 6 big spikey nails to a piece of cardboard, in a hexagon shape, then I laid my three twigs across each other in the hexagon – meeting them all in the middle of course. I took some wire and proceeded to wire the twigs together. The craft for the kids was a spider web…they took the pre-made twigs, wrapped some white or black yarn around the twigs in a spiderweb pattern, then took that spider web stuff you get at the dollar store, spread it around and wedged a plastic spider somewhere in it. Used a bit of yarn to let the “ornament” dangle. I’ve made a whole bunch of these and hang them from my spruce tree at Halloween – they look awesome!

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