6 argyle g-rafs

6_g_rafOn the sixth day of stitches I was preparing…


Six argyle g-raf kits.


I’m loving the way this little g-raf turned out. The argyle pattern works nicely down her tummy and because the socks are extra soft cotton she’s every so slightly floppy, giving her an innocent look. Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance though – I’ve had to break up many a fight between her and the naughty stripey sock monster. This g-raf can hold her own! Kits for the argyle g-raf are all packed and ready to go.

5 kilos of stuffing
4 baby sock owls

3 woolly sock dogs
2 needle & thread tins
and a free sock monster pattern.


10 thoughts on “6 argyle g-rafs

  1. i am so loving your sock creatures 🙂
    i have attempted a sock dog before, but it turned out so ghastly. yes, it was that bad. 😉
    i think coming up with patterns for sock creatures are particularly difficult, and you’re awesome for being able to make them all look so adorable!

  2. She is soooo cute-just love her and all your sock creations. I have made a few monkeys and one dog, and think i am getting hooked on socks. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 days brings!! Good luck at the show.

  3. she is lovely. do you sell any of your patterns or kits on etsy? i won’t be at the craft show you are getting ready for, but i’d love to buy one of your kits!

  4. Oh isnt she such a cutie pie. Now since I purchased your giraffe pattern I am going to have find a pair of those socks to make such a cute giraffe too. You sound like your getting organised too which is great, and I am sure you will sell lots of stuff at the show too.

  5. *cheering*
    G-raf, G-raf… oh my gosh you make me laugh.
    Your little ears and little feet…make you one awesome softie treat!!
    Hoot Hoot…

    xo Steph (I am addicted to your blog haha)

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