Beautiful Uluru

I’m back. One amazing, beautiful, baby free weekend later. Actually I really missed my little boy but can imagine that the 14km base walk around the rock might have pushed his patience just a little (uhh… what patience?). They’d had a few days rain just before we arrived so it was quite green for the red centre and the native flowers were out. We didn’t climb the rock as it’s a sacred site and the owners of the land ask you not to. Actually it amazed me that people were climbing it despite the official sign asking them not to.






The landscape is just incredible. It’s every bit as vivid as it is in postcards. A true land of extremes – hot during the day, cold at night, bright red sand, clear blue sky, cool green waterholes. It really is a sunburnt country.

So back to the crafting! I’ve got an online store to get up and running.


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Uluru

  1. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to go back with my husband, and your pics have reignited the longing 🙂 It’s a very special place – there’s nowhere else quite like it, is there?

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