The big yellow banana bike


I wrote about my bright yellow cruiser bike a couple of weeks back and, to my surprise, you lovely blog readers were quite into it. It seems that bikes are quite popular in crafty circles… hooray!

Anyway, here’s a pic of it. I bought a new basket (a little birthday treat) to go on the front which I LOVE. It clips in and out and has a handle so I can ride over to the fruit market unclip it, fill it with goodies and then clip it back on for the ride home. I’m sure I look quite ridiculous with a basket full of fruit and veg but then I already look ridiculous being on the bike in the first place so what have I got to lose?
I’m planning on creating a lining for it out of Paula Brass’s Summer Soiree Centrepiece. I don’t normally go for floral/girly type fabric but I thought this worked in well with the turqoise and butterflies on the bike. I’ll be freestyling it without a pattern which could work well or could be a complete disaster. Rest assured either way you’ll get to see it in the next couple of weeks!

11 thoughts on “The big yellow banana bike

  1. awesome! that is one cool bike!

    I’ve got some basket covers coming up soon on my site but have worked out the pattern. It’s not the same shape as yours but I can tell you how to work your out if that will help you? Anyway let me know you might have already have it done by the time you get this.

  2. Dude… If that were my bike I would totally rock it our in my new(2nd hand) Yellow Summer Dress!!! All I would need is a brimmed hat.. I mean helmet!! lol Oh I hope I dream about a yellow bike tonight… Truly wonderful bike!!

    xo Steph

  3. The big yellow bike looks quite good, and just right for summer riding too. I am sure the basket will turn out fantastic with the gorgeous fabric added to it. Just think how wonderfully fresh and fit you will feel after riding for a couple of weeks!

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