The store has launched!


It’s been a busy week but as promised the Craft Schmaft Store has launched! Patterns and Kits for Toot the Owl, Woof Woof the Dog, G-Raf the Giraffe and Lil’ Monster sock softies are all available.


Also coming soon in the store will be PDF versions of the all patterns and a big range of mini-owl kits. The store currency is in Australian dollars (AUD) but if you prefer the green type (US dollars) I’ll have an etsy store up later this week just for you.


Hooray for the interweb I say. Thanks so much for all the comments and emails requesting patterns and kits, I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long.


Click here to check out the store.



17 thoughts on “The store has launched!

  1. Yah for the shop. It must have taken you forever to get it all set up but I am here to tell you it looks beyond fantastic. That g-raf pattern may have to make it’s way to my house before the holidays so my kids can get one for Christmas.

  2. hooray! Please update us when you open you’re Etsy site! I’m ready to buy – but if you have the PDF that you can email over, that’s even better (and faster)! πŸ™‚ Best wishes!

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