The bat cave


Thanks so much for all your words of support on my last post. Tania wrote “don’t you have a crafty business to run?” why yes, yes I do. And run it I am.


My parents have a basememt room underneath their house that has always been named “the bat cave” and they’re very kindly letting me use it for my craftyness. Mr Schmaft and I spent time over the past month pulling out all the old junk and clearing it up so that I could set myself up a little studio in there. It’s almost finished but in the meantime I’ve been putting together mini owl kits for the store and wholesale orders going out next week. So while I ponder the bigger picture rest assured that Craft Schmaft isn’t going anywhere… well except for the online store, Allies Attic , Avalon market day and a few other retailers who will be stocking patterns and kits too. Oh it’s going to be a VERY silly silly season.


I’ll post more pics of the new studio space next week. Actually studio sounds a bit too grown up doesn’t it…. what should I call it?

7 thoughts on “The bat cave

  1. I think batcave sounds perfect. Or schmaft-room!

    As for your life change… (somehow missed your last post! I’ve been skimming far too much through the 1001 Blogtoberfest posts!) It sounds like a great adventure, if a bit scary for you! Go for it. The crafty stuff you do is wonderful and if you want to build it as a business I don’t doubt your abilities.

    I can only give you a perspective from one who has chosen not to work outside the home while my kiddies are pre- school age. My identity and self-esteem is not tied up with paid work (which seems to be a factor in many women wanting to return to work), but nor is it all about being a mother. Let’s face it, parenting can be tedious but it’s only a season, they benefit greatly, I benefit from knowing I’m around enough and not feeling guilty, and I spend time exploring the things I love. I don’t know what I’ll be when I grow up… but that’s part of the fun.

  2. You know, I reckon you’re going to come up with all the answers without trying – you’ll be way too busy running that ever expanding crafty business to have time to look up!

    • Actually a friend emailed me this morning and said: “I just read through Craft Schmaft on the weekend, and you’ve quit Tequila?! What are you doing?! This is great!?!? I never did see you as a yoga type love, can I say that in all honesty?!?!”

      Is it a sign?

  3. the bat cave is a great name – much less grown-up than studio… but what about the Owl House or Owlery???
    Either way I’m jealous! I have a desk in the conservatory… which sounds way more glam than it is! Good luck! x

  4. Bat cave means you need a bat sock toy now!! Did some one already suggest that? HAHA I hope your not cooped up down there and there is at least a small window for air circulation hehe. I bet you have a secret entry too hey!! hehe enough enough I have my own Allie’s Attic stuff to organise… Thanks for your advice I am marking things off the Schmaft list as I go…

    xo Steph

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