New Japanese fabric




I have a thing for Japanese fabric – who doesn’t really? These little purchases arrived in the post today and are destined to be puppy dog ears and baby owl wings. The red matryoshkas are going to be little christmas owls. Ahhh… stash heaven. Not much blogging this week as poor little Oscar has been sick. He’s on the mend now so there should be a bit more going on round here!


10 thoughts on “New Japanese fabric

  1. I have just recently finished my Matryoshka Quilt ( and used the cream Babooshka dolls for the backing. I absolutely love these fabrics and would like to do more with them!

    Yep – very nice indeed!!

  2. I love the print in the third pic – it was the focus for our one year old’s birthday – glad your little guy is on the mend – no fun when they are sick.

  3. OK, so is it not bad enough that you regularly make me green with sock-envy, that you now have to up it a notch and make me olive green with toadstool fabric envy…. hhhmmph!

    • Oh I like the olive green 🙂 They’re just from an etsy store called pompadour 24. She is based in Japan but ships globally if the green eyed monster gets too much for you!

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