Hello and Congratulations!

I have had a roller-coaster of a week. Sick toddler at the beginning of the week resulted in almighty tantrums – this kid has inherited his mothers creative flair for tantrums. Sadly for Oscar, his mother is very experienced in dealing with designers and art director’s hissy fits which make his best screams and refusals seem… well… bubsy by comparison.

But then… out of nowhere… I get an email saying…


Hello & Congratulations!

You have been successful in your Finders Keepers Application!


That’s right peeps, Craft Schmaft will be at the Finders Keepers market on the 4/5th of December at the CarriageWorks in Sydney’s Inner West. Woot Woot! Last Finders Keepers was jam packed with the most amazing artists and designers. I’m told, as a stall holder, it’s like Super Saturday at Stitches and Craft on speed. Well, I’m packing a crash helmet for this event.


Oh but I won’t be there alone – the very talented Michelle of  Shelbyville, and Susan of RocketFuel will also be there. And I very much hope to see you too!



8 thoughts on “Hello and Congratulations!

  1. Did you hear about my last FKM incident…I shall be attending WITHOUT children with year as a customer… Woot Woot!! I’ll do the coffee runs for you lovely crafty girls!!!

    Xo Steph

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