Owl mobile pattern is finished!


At last it’s finished. The sock owl mobile pattern is now in the Craft Schmaft store available for pdf download. It feels like I’ve been working on this one forever and the last tweaks and edits have taken nearly a month! I really wanted to make sure that everything was as simple, and at the same time comprehensive, as possible.


A huge thank you goes out to the fantastic crafters who tested it for me – their feedback and suggestions were just fantastic and have gone a long way to making this my best pattern. Thank you so much… Nikki of My Black Cardigan, Sarah of The Shopkeepers wife, Sophie of Her Heart, My Hands, Ingrid of Lottielulu, Bianca of Sadie & Lance, Brianne of Limes Sweet,  Peta of Pippiwillow,   Talia of Talia Carbis, Melissa and Bonnie.


Cick here to go to the store for the Owl Mobile Pattern (PDF).


A printed version of the pattern is coming in the next week and will also be available at Kelani Fabric.


7 thoughts on “Owl mobile pattern is finished!

  1. Great photos and project!!

    I spotted something for you recently in a Melbourne bookshop and I would love to buy it for you… would you mind sending me your postal address 🙂

  2. do you sell these mobiles, I see where to buy the pattern but im not much of a crafty person and this would be PERFECT in my nursery!!

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