A beautiful day at Allies

Saturday’s Allies Attic market was just beautiful. A gorgeous day spent in great company under the shade of trees. Chatting away, selling wares and being inspired by all the creativity around. Not many photos to show you as the toddler has managed to thoughtfully dispose of my mobile phone (fun!!) Anyway, I was next to Simone from Apple Jelly who had the cutest applique onesies and t-shirts. Steph from Moobear was there with her gorgeous tees and so was Sarah with incredible bird cage mobiles from gifts created. It was the first Allies Attic ever and while it would have been great to see a few more faces there, the atmosphere and stall holders were just breathtaking. This is one market to watch I tell you! Next one is coming up on 12th of December at Paddington town hall.


4 thoughts on “A beautiful day at Allies

  1. Yay… It really was a great day… nice to sit and relax and met new people!! You stall is always amazing!! I love how everything is simple and so effective!! Go Team Craft Schmaft!! Hehe

    xo Steph

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