One day I’ll fly away

I’ve been locked away in the bat cave all day stitching to finish off the softies for Finders Keepers Market today. Six softies stitched and finished. Phew. Lots of packing to do before next Friday but at least I know what I’m packing now. The fabric on the black owl is a linen with passport stamps and script hand printed onto it. I haven’t done much travel since Oscar was born but once upon a time I backpacked through Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia…. and let me tell you those were good times! I’ve always loved the raw quality that the stamps have in a passport- slightly broken up type, ornate national emblems, simplified symbols and sweeping arabic characters.


I spent many a border crossing with knots in my stomach (particularly the Turkish/Syrian border but that’s a whole other blog post) not quite sure if we’d be let into the county or not. Spent many an extra night in cities where I was stuck until a visa came through. Spent one border crossing between Spain and Portgal chatting up a rather cute guy who I’m now lucky enough to be married to. Passport stamps became a bit of an achievement. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. I really hope I have another chance to travel one day. To fly away with nothing but a bag and a world of possibility before me.


6 thoughts on “One day I’ll fly away

  1. So jealous.
    I haven’t done a lot of travel yet but will get to all those lovely spots one day.
    I have some of that alphabet fabric for you if you would like.

  2. I have done a lot of travel as well but we have been dormant for a few years lately. I cannot wait to get back out there, there is so much yet to see and do!! Can’t wait for the market!!

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