Finished owl angel

I posted a few weeks ago about a little owl angel in progress. Here she is finished and I’m thinking that these might be great xmas ornaments. A few tweaks to make – I think I’ll use some hessian and muslin fabric for wings on the next one to get a bit of contrast in the textures and a slightly more floaty appearance. The feet need to be in grey or a contrasting colour as well – they kinda disappear in the white. These ones are just felt, the newborn size socks just don’t allow enough for the little feet.

This Christmas we’re having a tree at home but I live in fear of Oscar pulling the whole thing down on himself or breaking every precious item on there. So I’m thinking I’ll whip up some felt and softie ornaments that are unbreakable – and perhaps even a few things that Oscar can help me with. Oh how I luuurve Christmas. Have been so busy with market preps that I haven’t had a chance to even start shopping but have promised myself some time next week after Finders Keepers.


4 thoughts on “Finished owl angel

  1. She is so sweet! I love the idea of hessian and muslin, will look very rustic and beautiful. We have put our tree up on a table in recent years, and have not and ornaments around the bottom, which looks strange but stops little hands grabbing!

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