One ornament tells a thousand words

So I pulled out the box of Xmas decorations last night and realised that none of them match and that, of course, I’ll need a whole new set this year. Ummm, yes, I’ve left it all a bit late. I don’t have many ornaments but most of them represent a moment in time. This year’s owl angel being very representative of my crafty life right now.

This angel I bought while backpacking in Europe. I found her in a little shop filled with crafted things on a cobbled laneway winding down from Prague castle. I was 23 and seeing the world for the first time. I loved that the angel was created from wood shavings just tied together.

The glitter ball I bought for Christmas in London.Ā  It was the first Christmas Mr Schmaft and I spent together which sounds very cosy and lovely but was actually a blur of clubbing and glitter. I had a little pot of dusty glitter that I used to wear when I went out clubbing – Mr Schmaft hated it because he’d end up covered in it and could never get those last little specks off!

The last one, the Santa, I bought when I was in labour with Oscar. I’d been told that walking around helps the labour progress and was bored with being at home so we decided to go shopping. It seems ridiculous now but at the time it made sense – a bit of retail therapy? Anyway, I distinctly remember standing in front of the Xmas decorations in Myer and picking out this but then having to wait for a contraction to pass before picking out the others. I guess the tummy on him reflected my state at the time although I did have thankles rather than Santa’s slender ankles (that’s like cankles but when you’re ankles are the size of your thighs).


Ahhhh the memories. What do your Xmas decorations say about you?


7 thoughts on “One ornament tells a thousand words

  1. Hmmmm…well, when I was in the US last year I spent way too much money buying candy land themed decorations. I’ve never seen anything like them here in Australia. I wonder what that says about me? That I like sweets? Too right I do!

  2. Thankles! I love it.
    I love pulling out our ornaments and remembering where and when we got them. None of ours match either but I’m hoping that over time it will all start to make sense.

  3. Hi šŸ™‚ Found your blog and having a blast šŸ™‚ Just wanted to let you know that your ornament from Prague is actually mde out of corn husks… I grew up there and we have many of them… have a great 2010!

    • Oh Katy I had no idea! Thanks so much for letting me know and glad you enjoyed the blog. You must have had an incredible childhood growing up in Prague, it really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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