Introducing Vintage Tuesday

Last year I mentioned that I have a dream to start up a vintage craft library. It’s quite the lofty dream but I have to say that over the past few months I have been collecting little vintage gems from op-shops. Patterns and books for knitting, crochet, sewing and anything else that catches my eye are snapped up at bargain prices and added to the little bower bird nest that I’ve started.


To keep me on this path I’ve decided that 2010 is the year of Vintage Tuesday. Every Tuesday I’ll be posting up gorgeous, hilarious and nostalgic patterns for you to ooogle. Play along if you like, send me your vintage treats and I’ll feature them or just sit back and have a giggle.


So to start here’s a book from the 70s called “Things to make for Children” which features a tee-pee (classic)…

… a very cool bunny beanbag (I may just make this one)…

Vintage beanbag

… and the most ridiculous rain cover for a pram I have ever seen. Check out the look on that poor bubbas face! Hilarious. Crafting gone wrong.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Vintage Tuesday

  1. ahhh that is so cute! loving that bunny beanbag! some of my old baby knitting books are hilarious, before the lovely photoshoots there are cranky babies, ugly babies, spotty babies, bad photos!!!

    that one looks like a keeper, mind you that raincoat is hilarious though!

  2. The kid in the pram?!! That’s my pram… or stroller hehe mine was red and my brothers was blue and I use to sit on the hood of my brothers when I was 2… Can’t do that at all now haha… Great idea hun and I bet i have a few things lying around here to contribute too!!! Bunny bean bag… Hmmmm better than easter chocolate!!

    xo Steph

    • Oh you’re so right on the easter thing Steph! Actually I’m thanking my lucky stars that my mother has a sewing aversion – there’s no way she would have been whipping up a rain cover haha.

  3. oh come on, everyone needs a good tee-pee, no really I made one for my little man when he turned 1! That rain cover is so funny I’ve booked marked just for a little giggle here and there! -kb

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