To market with mobile kits

So the year got off to a bit of a slow start but suddenly I find myself in market fever. Next weekend I’ll be at Allies Attic in Mosman, on the 6th of March I’ll be at Mathildas market, Paddington and then on the 14th of April I’ll be at the Stitches and Craft Show, Redfern. So now I’m in full kit mode and first on the list are Owl Mobile kits – I had lots of requests last year for a mobile kit so here they come.


The part I like best about making up kits is choosing the fabric and sock combination.   There’ll be 3 colours initially – piggies and cream, pink and robo-blue… whaddya think? The fabrics are mostly Japanese –  the piggies I’ve had forever in my stash (oh how I wish I’d bought more!) The little robots were bought from Retro Mummy, and the pink/white flowers are called Hana Bunny.  I’m still deciding with the robots whether I should use red/white dots fabric or red gingham. I’ll have them at the markets and in the store next week.

Thanks for all your entries into the Stitches and Craft giveaway, still time to enter I’ll draw the competition on Friday.


4 thoughts on “To market with mobile kits

  1. How come your colour combo’s make my heart flutter? Every time I call past your blog I leave and go back to making more owls. Can I some how works yoyo’s into an owl? hmmm hahahah

    xo Steph

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