Beginnings of a tea towel

In a moment of inspiration from the supremely talented Tania (Myrtle & Eunice), I signed up for Soozs tea towel swap. Love a good swap, I do. I had all sorts of grand plans for screen printing but then I had a change of heart. I’ve been very into stamps for a while now but just haven’t really managed to do anything crafty with them. I remembered that Dudley Redhead had little sets of blocks and carving tools on her stand at Sitches and Craft back in August and I quizzed her about stamping on fabric. It seems the Japanese do it all the time.


So my current plan is to try my hand at stamping on linen tea towels. Well I’m going to have a go… and if it all turns pear shaped I’ll go back to the nice people who make a stamp for you from an illustrator file. I have 10 tea towel blanks to play with and just have to hope at least one of them is decent enough for a swap. I’m thinking owls, but this could also turn to mushrooms as well, given my mushroom fetish at the mo.


10 thoughts on “Beginnings of a tea towel

  1. Oh you can’t fail with owls!! I did hand stamping or as i call it ‘poor man’s screen printing’ today & to avoid the effort of making a perfect pattern, i go for a bit of a random look. Works nicely on clothes!! Love Posie

  2. Ok, so obviously I need to get my butt into gear. But I find I work best under pressure, so I might hold off starting on my tea towels until the night before they need to be posted! No, I’m joking. Maybe. Ok, I’ll probably start the week before I need to send them.

    Oh bother.

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