Pitter Patter

I’ve been working on a secret project over the past three months. It won’t be finished until August but here it is in progress…

13 weeks ago I went to a big xmas party. To cut a long story short I  had a very large night. LARGE. Advertising large.  The next day I woke up with the worst hangover of my life. A week later I still felt like death and on further investigation discovered I was pregnant…eek! (doctor assures me all is OK).  I have had the same  hangover for 13 weeks. Can you imagine, I’ve been saying to myself “I’m never going to drink again, yes I’ll have fries with that” for 13 weeks?


All that hangover was so worth it when I saw my new bubba on the screen – dancing around like a disco baby just like his/her big brother did.  I didn’t think I’d be as excited about the second baby but I can proudly report that I’m every bit as clucky, excited and nervous as I was the first time. I can say that this time I will avoid international press coverage that went crazy over my first bubbas  facebook page ” Womb with a view” . Oh bring on that second trimester glow and the nesting hormones that make me craft like crazy!



47 thoughts on “Pitter Patter

  1. oops I didn’t finish that but I meant to say whether you like it or not!!!!!! I’m sure you’ll fall for pink if it’s a girl!

    put your feet up and enjoy as many fries as you want 🙂

  2. Yay congratulations!!! I’m so pleased to hear you’re as excited with #2 as you were with #1, that’s always been something I worry about and I only have 1 bubba!!!

    • I know, you can’t imagine loving anything more than number 1 but I think you’re heart makes more room (perhaps it grows at the rate of expanding waistline?)

  3. Congratulations! I think second babies are exciting too and I am sure your headache will go away soon. My daughter was an August baby too and I loved being able to snuggle her up in winter woollies!

  4. Have to giggle, Corrie forcing girlie fabric on you!! Congratulations, how exciting!! Your child can share a birthday with all the other babies who started off their journey at a Christmas Party. Second time around i had twins, so big surprise for us. Super exciting news, lovely post, all the best!! Love Posie

    • Oh Posie I have to say that I was quietly relieved when they said there was just one little bundle in there although friends with twins do seem to have lots of fun. I believe that Corrie will have me doing yo-yos with said girly fabric in no time.. he he he

    • Thanks Katia – I think, judging from Corries comment, I’m going to get girly fabrics whether I like it or not! he he he Although I am strangely drawn to pink of late, so unlike me.

    • Oh yes Karen… this bubba was dancing all over the place. Makes me think that this one is going to be as “spirited” as it’s big brother. He’s the kind of kid that people say “wow… he’s so active!” about. he he

  5. You do come up with some seriously excellent projects! Hearty, hearty congratulations (and yes, at the moment you do want fries with that – plus a ginger biscuit to go).

    • Ha Ha… at least I know this one won’t be a UFO although it is putting a dent in my plans on learning how to crochet.

      Thanks for the congrats Tania 🙂

    • whoooa Linda… I don’t know about getting to number four, although my hubby is one of five and I have a feeling he’s got big plans!

      Thanks for the best wishes!

  6. Now that’s one big time long haul project and it’s only 13weeks in!! So happy for you Hun and the family. What an exciting chapter of your lives you have begun and I get to watch it unfold right here on your blog. I laughed so hard I woke Bubble when I read Womb with a view (it’s 4.30am). Bring on the belly and the kicking and craving and the need to craft at all hours of the day!!!

    Big Big Love and happiness Steph

  7. Oh my goodness. How awfully exciting. Eat what you want, when you want. I haven’t had a second, but with my first I was eating anything I wanted and the great part was that I always had an excuse – and it never needed to be verbalised! Here’s to eating lots of ridiculous food and enjoying being pregnant!

  8. Congratulations! That’s particularly exciting news! What is it with pregnancy and craving fat and salt? Whatever it is, they must be essential nutrients for growing babies 😉

  9. Congratulations!! This is such exciting news!! I’m a little slow- but that happens when life gets busy I guess!!

    Congratulations again though!! Eek!

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