Vintage Tuesday: Singers suck

I have two sewing machines. Both singers.  One is a 70s model that I bought, going down the whole “they don’t make them like they used to” theory.  Sadly both of these machines have given up the ghost this week. arrrgggh. disaster. I feel naked. And if I’m honest a bit annoyed that my vintage theory has failed me. That 70s singer has always had tension issues. Can anyone suggest or recommend a new machine? I had a fantastic Bernina when I was a teenager, that thing never missed a stitch.


In the meantime there’s to die for vintage goodness on Flickr in this gorgeous green machine named Ozma. oooh… those curves! Perhaps my problem was going 70s vintage rather than 50s?


Thank you all so much for the baby best wishes, the hangover is almost over, I’ve only had fries once this week!


16 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Singers suck

  1. There is a bernina sewing center in Chatswood, I got mine from there and they are truly FANTASTIC. Great service.

    I got the activa 230, it’s a great machine but in hindsight I should have stumped up the extra cash and got the 440. Much better for quilting as it has a longer arm.

    Good Luck!

  2. I have a Bernina. It’s an oldie (27 years old!) but I’m only the 2nd owner after my mum upgraded so I know the full history! I agree with your vintage theory, I think you just had some bad luck this time, shame.

    I’m sure my machine will conk out at some stage but I think I’ll stick with Bernina’s, I think they’re great.

  3. I have a Janome that is now about 15 years old, basic but with a one step buttonhole and it’s really great.

    I have heard though there is a place in Sydney where you can get old industrial machines that have been reconditioned at a fraction of the cost they would be normally. Strong sturdy and able to take some punishment it might be worth chasing up?

  4. Looks like some sewing machine shopping is in order. I recently bought a Bernina Active 230 from Bernina at Chatswood. It is fantastic and they are really easy to deal with. So sorry to hear about your singers…

  5. Hello Claire, thank u for visiting my blog :-). I love what you do here. And yes, we do have the same “thing” for monsters and owls… yours put me to shame though, it’s so much prettier… Love you work!

  6. I’m a Janome user, have been for the last 30 years. Gosh that makes me feel old. Depending on the $$$ you want to spend, I’d suggest the Janome 6600. It’s got ALL the bells and whistles plus it have a lovely long neck, so there’s plenty of room for those large bulky items under the needle.

  7. Janome!! Mines from Parramatta and the ladies at the shop there know what they are talking about!! Even did a little free class to get to know my machine and when something wasn’t working I call them and they know how to fix it… usually it’s simple but once it wasn’t and I had my machine serviced etc within 2 days… that’s great service!! Sorry that yours died… I guess it happens hey?!

    xo Steoh

  8. Too funny. Ok, so I must explain. I too had a Singer from the 70’s. I, just like you, was all about the ‘they don’t make ’em like they used to’. And mine, just like yours, went kaput about a month ago. I was absolutely shattered and totally lost.

    It took me about 2 weeks of window shopping(and my husband taking me on a surprise shopping trip whereby he told me nothing beforehand other than “I’m taking you to get something that you need and I don’t want any procrastination”) before the sales lady at the shop convinced me to buy a Janome.

    That lady earned her commission that day. The machine is kick ass and I haven’t looked back since.

    Good luck… just take the plunge!

  9. I’ve recently bought a Janome Decor Excel 5018 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I use it to make sock toys and to quilt and it is immense, seriously, awesome!!
    Good luck with picking a new one, there’s so many to chose from!

  10. I recently bought a janome mystyle 5027 limited edition for $499 and i absolutely love it. simple and easy to use and understand. and i love that it comes with a blanket handy.

  11. Janome ALL the way… I have a Janome and a Bernina and the Bernina has needed repairs even in the first year of owning it… where I’ve never had a problem with the Janome in all the years I’ve owned it!! They are lovely machines!!

  12. I should add you get all the features of a Bernina at almost half the price, (with a Janome)… The memory craft range is fantastic… more fancy stitches than you could ever use! (Mine has 2 blanket stitches- one for each direction… plus gorgeous hearts, up down needle feature etc etc)
    It has clocked more hours of sewing than I can recall (some days it sews for more than 8 hours!!)… mine is 4-5 years old with never a problem… my bernina is only 2 years old and has been back to the shop a dozen times… the timing has gone out on it several times… very tempremental machine…
    I was always so dedicated to my vintage Singer before my new machines… and believe me there is no going back… the beautiful button holes and stitches you can do on a compterized machine make sewing such an incredible pleasure!!

    Whatever you decide to buy, make sure you buy from a store where they have good customer service (I can personally tell you the Janome/Bernina sewing centre in Hornsby is the WORST I have been to… had huge problems with trying to get my new Bernina sorted out… would never EVER buy anything from them again)

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