Vintage Tuesday: Crochet

I have no idea of how to crochet. It’s on my list of crafty things to learn this year and luckily for me I have an Aunt who is an expert. I remember her making all of us nieces crocheted ponchos in the early 80s which I thought were just the coolest thing ever. There’s a photo somewhere of all four of us in the ponchos together at Xmas which I’ve been trying to dig out – as soon as I find it I’ll put it up here.


In the meantime I’ve been collecting 70s crochet patterns for babies and kids – hopefully I’ll be able to whip up a couple of these by the end of year (well… maybe?) I love the colour combinations of the 70s, that blue and green combo gets me every time.

Yes, that is a chrochet tie on a man you can see up there – sorry couldn’t resist. There’s always a token project for a man in these vintage pattern books. Poor men. He looks quite happy to be in this shot though as opposed to the Moncho (man poncho) guy.


So I’m ready to learn how to crochet for the next baby but there’s just one thing I feel very uneasy about – do I have the hair to pull it off?

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Crochet

  1. ahhh I love crochet, so easy!! having a baby is the perfect time to learn…..and just think how snazzy your hubby will look in a crocheted tie! very nice 🙂


  2. Ah, there is much that remains wince-worthy about crochet (as up to the eyeballs in it as I am). I reckon the tie falls conclusively into that sort of category!

  3. People who crochet make it look so easy. I taught myself a little bit but it is much easier to have someone next to you to show you how I think. I can never remember the actual stitches for double crochet and slip stitch and all the other ones too. If I could I would have a much better time. There are some fantastic tutorials out there now on the internet, The Royal Sisters, Dont Mind If I Knit and I cant remember the other website now…. something Attic. Will get back to you on that later on!

  4. Claire lets go to crochet school!! You might have to go to my hairdresser to get “THAT” blonde but if I can do it you can too. OR a wig!! I think a wig as you should do anything with chemicals when you’re pregnant…naughty naughty lol

    xo Steph

  5. I think we have talked about this before Claire, you really do need to put some more effort into your ‘do’, I think you would look fab platinum blonde with a little perm, add a crochet dress to the mix and you are on your way!

  6. I have that book! but you must have an updated version ’cause mine doesn’t have the blonde bombshell and baby dang namit. Fabo crochet sites include Attic 24, Sarah London, Lindamade – all very inspirational!

  7. I was searching for older crochet patterns, I found your photos. Do you have the patterns for the yellow one that is covering the baby? Or what book was it from? Hope you don’t mind telling me. Thank you for your time.

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