What’s wrong with this picture?

Here they are, three little pink owls, all ready to be assembled into a mobile. Ready to take flight. Almost ready for Mathildas Market. So what’s wrong with this picture? There are ONLY three! I personally suspect that the little terror that is my two year old son has stolen one. When quizzed about this he looked around, shrugged and said that it must have run away. Of course! How could I possibly assume that he would be responsible? I did laugh though.


So now I have to go around the whole house and check every nook and cranny for a runaway owl. Now where would a toddler stash an owl? Any ideas?


10 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. I assume you have tried the most obvious places: the fridge, toilet, in your sock drawer, at the bottom of the sandpit, etc etcetera? In my experience you will only find him when you have just completed making his replacement. (but I’ll cross my fingers for you regardless).

  2. Perhaps put in a pair of gumboots, or maybe in a tree in the backyard. I am sure it will turn, and as Tania said usually after you finish the other one.

  3. run away, adorable! only a toddler could make that one up!!!!

    oh the pink ones are soooo cute! I find everything down the back of or under the couch! huge hiding place under there!


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