Owl Mobiles for Mathildas

I’ve been madly stitching and packing kits for Mathildas market this Saturday and have just finished the Pinky sample mobile. The light coming in from the window was just amazing. I had to keep snap, snap, snapping because the mobile moves and the shutter speed is so slow that only about a third of the images are sharp. At ones stage I way lying on my back twisting around in all sorts of ridiculous positions to catch the light. He he he… It’s not glamorous this craft thing is it?

The kits come in neutral creamy colour, funky blue and red and this pink… I really hope they sell!


6 thoughts on “Owl Mobiles for Mathildas

  1. They will most definitely sell! Did you find the missing owl, or make another? Might see you there on Saturday. Hope the day goes well for you. And I don’t think I stopped by to say congrats on Bub!

  2. Looks fantastic – will you be selling the mobiles or mobile kits on your site anytime soon?? I would really love one in neutral colors, thanks

  3. Oh adroable. Good luck at the market. I’m just about to do a ‘lounge craft’ post to prove your point, handmade craft is not glamorous!! Pats to belly & have fun tomorrow, love Posie

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