Vintage Tuesday: Knaughty Raglan

He always did have a naughty side…

… but three was a crowd.

Honey, I knew her type from the moment she walked in the door. She was young. wild. sinful.

She would stop at nothing to have him.

But she underestimated the power…

… of librarians in love.

Ahhh the 60s. Classic raglan knit gets naughty in the library. This little gem was found in a second hand book store. I got chatting to the owner and it turns out it was her pattern from the 60s and she’d made quite a few polos and round neck raglans in her time. Sadly she reported that none of them seemed to have this effect in the library. Such is life.


10 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Knaughty Raglan

    • Oh you’re kidding!! Have you made any of them? Would LOVE to see your vintage patterns, they’re such a fantastic thing and judging from that vintage pyrex dish on your blog you have sensational vintage taste!

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