The sunshine award

I received the sunshine award from the gorgeous Snickerdoodle, who has beautiful crafty bits and a very cute new bubba,  a little while back and it’s time for me to pass it on!

The Rules:
1. Post the award
2. Pass on to 12 bloggers that brighten your day
3. Link to nominees
4. Link back to givers.

So I started thinking about bloggers that brighten my day, which led to more thinking about inspiration generally and what drives me to create sock softies.  I’ve always had a passion for making things – ever since I was a toddler.  When I was a creative in advertising people used to ask me “How on earth do you keep coming up with ideas all the time? I’d say…. “Ummmm…. I don’t know… it just kind of happens” but actually, when I really think about it, I loved creating campaigns that people got to participate in – games they could play, interactive worlds they could click on. I get such a buzz out of people having fun with things I’ve created. It’s exactly the same with making sock softies and blogging. Inspiration comes from people creating their own softies from my patterns.

So this blog award goes out to all of you who inspire me and keep me going by making sock softies…


Steph @ Moobear and her Tag Monster for Bubble
Tania @ Myrtle & Eunice and her Odd Sock Club
Knitter Sue and her hip hoppin twin G-Rafs
Susan @ Rocketfuel and her raaaaawww Monsters
Nikki @ MyBlackCardigan and her mobile
Sarah @ shopkeeperswife and her mobile for baby Grace
Bek @ Red Chocolate and her scrumtpious little owls
Jodi @ RicRac and her little owl mentions
Greta @ ItLiterallyIs having a hoot or two
Charlotte @ Snailblazer and her little owl


8 thoughts on “The sunshine award

  1. Well thank you Claire! And congrats on your little bun in the oven too! I am so out of touch with blog land at the moment, your news completely passed me by!

  2. How sweet are you! Though I reckon if anyone would appreciate an Odd Sock Club, it would have to be the Queen herself! (of Socks – not Queen of Odd).

  3. It’s great Claire, that you’ve been able to use what you are naturally good at to do something for YOU and not working for somebody else.

    Thanks for the award xxx

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