My little chef

I made an apron for my little chef. He luuuurves cooking with me although it has to be said that he ends up wearing more food than gets cooked. I curse the day I taught him about licking the spoon and bowl at the end.. what was I thinking?  So an apron has been in order for quite some time now. I got the pattern from via Sophie – it’s a Michael Miller. The kids size is a little too big for him but I really wanted something that would cover most of his clothing. The neck band I cheated on and really should have used d-rings so that needs to be fixed. I also skipped pytting a pocket on the front – I just had  visions of cake mixture puddles gathering in the bottom of the pocket, or sticky marshmallows being stashed in there for later. Cheeky Monkey!


13 thoughts on “My little chef

    • Thanks Megan! It’s very cute fabric isn’t it – it’s called Caramel Town and was a Lecien Japanese fabric on special at the Fat Quarter shop ages ago. It’s been sitting in the stash for months just waiting to be turned into an apron.

  1. Your little chef looks quite cute in his apron. All he needs is a little hat now! I am sure I wouldnt like a pocket either as it would probably end up goo filled wouldnt it!

    • It’s great isn’t it Dana? Although I have to say that we end up wearing more than we end up cooking. I really shoudn’t have ever taught him about licking the spoon at the end, now I have to share!

  2. Your little chef is just too cute! My daughter is the one following the culinary route. She loves to cook – but I’m sad to admit she didn’t get it from her Mom!

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