A new pattern in the works

I’ve had this idea for a pull-along sausage dog in my head for over a year. There was a time when my little munchkin was obsessed with anything he could pull or push along and I just think there’s nothing cooler than a sausage dog at the mo. Sausage shapes and socks are best friends so the body is super easy and the ears naturally stick out a little which I love. The tricky part with this one is getting him on wheels. What you can see in this picture is the first attempt disaster with plastic wheels and the shape is a little wonky – it’s actually really hard to find big wooden wheels in hobby stores.  Eventually I found some wooden wheels with axles and am experimenting with attaching those to the base… oh I really hope this one works! If all goes well with the wheels in the next couple of days I’ll have a pattern ready for testing by the end of the week and ready for Stitches & Craft in Sydney and Melbourne.


14 thoughts on “A new pattern in the works

  1. Claire,

    He is LOVELY!!! We are dying to get a dog but with a bub and a toddler it’s not happening any time soon. I think you just gave us the solution!! We could have one each!!!! Ha!!

  2. Oh when i made cat-bot searched and searched for wheels – In the end I had to make them !!! Is it a big secret where these wheels come from, I have a robot in desperate need of a mode of transport….

    and your sausage dog….killing me !

    • I had to hunt high and low and still haven’t quite found the right thing but you could try timbecon. Of course you can get them everywhere in the states… *sheesh*

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