Vintage Tuesday: Togs for Dogs

What is it about Canine Couture? I can’t think of any other animal that we seem more compelled to craft for. There’s also the whole “owners look like their dogs” thing which makes me wonder that if you cross a crafty lady with a canine do you end up with matching handcrafted sweaters? Well it seems you do! This first pattern, from 1961, I have in my vintage craft library…

1950s pattern “Togs for Dogs” available for sale over at Betsy Vintage:

1970s crochet pattern for dog coat and hat on ebay…


2 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Togs for Dogs

  1. These are completely bizarre and yet super cute! That last dog sujre knows how to rock the chevron. Can’t wait to see how the pull along sock dogs work out!

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