The week that was

It’s been a week since my last post, and what a week it was!


Mr Schmaft was off in Germany on business so I was playing single mum – hats off to you single mums I don’t know how you do it! Oscar was sick with bronchitis, I was diagnosed anaemic, the fridge completely broke down and all food went off, the internet broke down and I had my 19 week scan for bubba number two. I had promised to cover a friend at work in adland for a few weeks (he is on paternity leave) and of course there was crisis after crisis at work too. In the middle of it all a well meaning gymbaroo teacher cornered me to suggest that Oscar may have food allergies because he is so active (read completely beside himself with excitement and running around like a mad thing). I found out on Tuesday that Oscar needed a “creative hat” for the Easter Parade on Thursday. Then I was told that the Stitches and Craft show in Sydney for April had been moved to August.


Chaos. Complete and total chaos.


I am happy to report that the toddler, fridge, internet and ad campaigns have now been fixed. The easter hat was created and worn proudly. The husband is back from Germany. I am now best friends with steak and iron supplements. The gymbaroo teacher has been told to shove it. The baby is doing very well and I have an envelope with the gender waiting to be opened tonight.


The only thing I can’t fix is the Stitches and Craft show. I was so excited about it but I guess I’ll just have to put all my energy into the Melbourne show for May instead.



11 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. What a terrible week!! Glad you came through the other end well! As for the Gymbaroo teacher, does she have children of her own? If she does, she is a terrible support to you as a mother. If not then she doesn’t get kids. Good on you for telling her to shove it!!! Yay for bub being healthy and have fun at the grand opening of your envelope!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family x.

  2. Poor you….what a week! Isn’t it always like that one thing happens and then it just snowballs, well done for getting thru. PS I have two boys who are like that, they are wrestling each other on the trampoline right now and it sounds like WW111. Thats pretty normal tho and I figure no tears so they are OK. Better to keep going and burn off all that extra energy and then maybe they will sit instead of wriggle at the table for dinner tonight 🙂 Have a nice Easter Break!

  3. crazy chaotic week! why does everything seem to go wrong when there’s no one there to help?! i also am best friends with steak, although no longer because of low iron, just because it is so yummy. i highly recommend it served with potato gems and salad. mmmm yum

    happy envelope opening, what a lovely easter present to yourselves!

  4. Good grief! Glad most of those things have been resolved and hoping that the iron kicks in soon! Well meaning but idiotic opinions drive me nuts glad you told her to shove it.. thats one for mums everywhere.

  5. oh my goodness now that is what I call the week from hell!!!!!!!! sounds like you came out of it well and oh the patience if you got the gender put in an envelope! I am just counting down the weeks till I can find out myself and am usually on an iron supplement when pregnant so just remember to take it and be warned you might need metamucil…ahh the joys of pregnancy!

    oh and if I’ve learnt anything from my 3 children it’s that my little boy has the energy of my 2 girls combined! it’s a boy thing!

  6. You’re amazing! I have read through all the pages on your blog and stopped on this one. What a horrendous time but look what you achieved in spite of it!! You must be a super woman – I’m sitting here wondering how you manage to do it all?

    I’m one person who might be happy if Stitches and Craft were on in August permanently in Sydney as I am hoping to visit next year, that would be in our school holidays.

    I love all the things you make, can’t wait to see the new nursery. Congrats on soon to be joining the ranks of mums with two boys!

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