To Stitches and Craft we go!

I’m in full Stitches and Craft preparation mode this week. The melbourne show is on from 5-9th of may which gives me a couple of weeks to go crazy packing owl kits, making mobiles and finishing sausage dog patterns. The other thing I’m going crazy with is stand decorations. Actually I’ve already gone a little over the top (over the top, moi?)  with stand ideas but the fact that I have to ship it all to Melbourne means that I’m having to be a bit creative with the way I display things. Flat pack is my friend.


I’ll be having baby owl classes at the show on Friday and Sunday morning 10.30am, so if you’re in Melbourne you can book them on the day or you can email me [claire {!at} craftschmaft {dot} com ] beforehand to get a place.


And best of all I’ll be beside the supremely talented Jodie from Ric Rac who has promised chocolates and toilet breaks. What more can you ask for in a crafty neighbour? So excited.


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