I heart MixTape

I bought the very first issue of MixTape Zine when it came out a couple of years ago. I loved it. I’ve been buying it ever since. So I’m very chuffed to have a profile in the latest issue “The kids are alright!”. The cover (stunning colours) is by Jess Greenfield and there is a very cool tooth fairy pillow tutorial by Cintia not to mention the mouth watering vanilla orange cordial recipe by Ms Sadie and Lance. Yum!!


3 thoughts on “I heart MixTape

  1. YAY… look how good your socks look in mixtape!! Who wold have thought you would see socks in mixtape hehe…

    I also met one of your blog followers today at a market up here!! Shannon is very very nice and has the cutest over skirts ever!!

    xo Steph

  2. I want to read the article now Claire! Aw thanks Steph. I told Steph to ask you about the girl who said she couldn’t make her own owl at your first Mathilda’s!
    Steph you were on that computer really quick! Nice to meet a fellow crafter face to face!

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